Zhu Xian 6 _ Xiao Ding _ txt Novel Paradise

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Description: Only then did Xiaohuan raise his head from the book and look at Zhou Yixian. He said impatiently, "Grandpa, we walk so slowly. It's not because I read books. It's because you cheat money by fortune-telling." Zhou Yixian choked for a moment. He blushed slightly and coughed twice. He turned his head and said with a dry smile, "Forget it, forget it. We won't talk about it. I mean, we have no place to live now. We have to think of a way." The Wild Dog Taoist shook his head and said, "I really can't find anyone to stay overnight here. Senior, you are more familiar with this place than we are. Think about whether there is any place like a broken temple nearby. We can deal with it easily for one night." Zhou Yixian snorted and said with a sneer, "How do you know I'm familiar with this place? Although I was born in Heyang City, I've always been wandering around the world. When did I get familiar with this place?" "Uh!" He was suddenly thoughtful and stopped in the middle of his speech. Both Xiaohuan and the Wild Dog Taoist were a little surprised. "What do you want to say, Grandpa?" Xiaohuan asked. Zhou Yixian frowned, as if remembering something but not sure, slowly turned to look ahead, as if trying to recall something. That one I seem to remember that there was a fork in the road not far ahead, and it was a little far to go in from that path, but there was a room there. Both Xiao Huan and the Wild Dog Taoist became happy. Xiao Huan laughed and said, "Really!"! Then what are we waiting for? Go! Zhou Yixian did not know why, but he seemed a little hesitant. He frowned all the time and tried to recall something. He said, "But I always feel something is wrong in my heart. It's been too long. I only vaguely remember that there is a house in this direction outside Heyang City, but it doesn't seem to be a good place.". But I can't remember what it is. Xiao Huan gave him a white look and went to leave him alone. "Well, let's go quickly,cordierite c520," he said. "At least we have a house. It doesn't matter if it's broken. At least it's better than sleeping in the open." Xiaohuan left first, and the wild dog Taoist naturally followed him. Zhou Yixian walked at the end, followed involuntarily, but kept patting his head with his hand, frowning, muttering in his mouth: "What kind of room is it?"? Why can't I remember? After walking for a while, it was completely dark, but with the help of a few faint stars in the sky,ceramic bobbin heater, the three of them found an almost hidden path on the side of the road, leading to the depths of the wilderness. Small ring and wild dog Taoist nodded, toward the path up, wild dog Taoist also quickened the pace, while walking in front of the small ring, while alert to look around. Only Zhou Yixian still followed at the end, muttering with some complaints from time to time, as if he still couldn't remember the origin and use of the room in his memory. The path was very long. The three of them walked for half an hour, but there was no sign of a house. Xiao Huan became suspicious. He turned to Zhou Xianxian and said, "Grandpa, do you really remember correctly?" Zhou Yixian was taken a look at by Xiaohuan. He felt a little guilty and said with a dry smile, "This.." This You know, when you get old, sometimes it's hard to remember something wrong, but I do remember that there was a house on this road, 7g Ozone Generator ,steatite c221, but I can't remember what it was for. Besides, for many years, it is not impossible for the house to be demolished, even if no one demolishes it, wind, frost, rain and snow, I am afraid it may collapse! Unable to speak for a moment, Xiao Huan shook his head and turned around. Suddenly the wild dog Taoist stopped in front of him. Then he turned around and shouted, "Come quickly. The house is here." Both Xiaohuan and Monday Immortal were stunned. Monday Immortal was overjoyed and laughed loudly, "Aha, I'll tell you!"! With the wisdom of this immortal, how can you not remember that there is a house here, how can you remember wrong! Xiaohuan ignored him and walked quickly to the wild dog Taoist. Looking ahead, he saw a house at the end of the path. It covered a large area, but from a distance, the courtyard was deserted, the walls were damaged, and there was no popularity at all. It was obvious that it had been abandoned for many years. Zhou Yixian walked slowly, shaking his head and making a sound in his mouth, as if he was still boasting. Xiao Huan gave him a white look and said angrily, "Let's go quickly!"! Grandpa Small ring said, three people walked to the house, the night wind blowing, some cold above the wilderness, three people shrank their necks. Walking closer, I could see more clearly that it was really a dilapidated house. The original wall was collapsed and broken. Even the gate of the courtyard was only a dilapidated door frame, and even the door panel was gone. As for the courtyard, there was only one room, and the roof above seemed to be half missing from the outside, and even the beams were exposed. There seemed to be a door in the room, which was unclosed, and the whole room looked like it was made of wooden boards, which had been eroded by wind and rain for a long time, and a musty smell came with the wind. Xiaohuan frowned, but Zhou Yixian was quite happy. He walked slowly into the yard and looked around. He saw that although it was overgrown with weeds, there was no other strange place. It seemed that although he could not remember what kind of house it was, at least it should not be dangerous. He turned around and beckoned Xiaohuan and the Wild Dog Taoist to come in. Xiao Huan walked up to Zhou Yixian and hesitated for a moment. Then he suddenly turned to the wild dog Taoist and said, "Taoist, do you think we have seen the layout of this house somewhere before?" The wild dog Taoist was stunned and looked around. After looking around for a long time, he shook his head to show that he did not know. "What do you remember?" Said Zhou Yixian impatiently. "This house is so old that I can't even remember your grandfather. Have you ever seen it?" Xiao Huan shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, forget it. Let's go in and have a look." Zhou Yixian smiled, waved his hand and said, "Go." Then he took the two of them up the stone steps in front of the house and pushed the door open with a squeak. Just as Zhou Yixian stood in the doorway and looked into the dark room, Xiao Huan suddenly felt a movement under his feet and touched something. He looked down and saw a shabby black card with handwriting on it. In a moment of curiosity, he squatted down,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, pulled the black wooden sign out of the ruins, pushed aside the debris, and looked carefully. global-ceramics.com

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