Wolong gives birth to peach blossom blood

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Description: Yunxia Enchantress could not help looking back at Zhao Song. Zhao Songxin knew that she mistakenly thought she was involved with Sima Villa. "Don't get me wrong, Valley Lord," he said. "They have nothing to do with this Villa. Lian. Chang Yulan smiled faintly and said calmly, "Zhao Song is right. We are different from Sima Villa.". Ji Ruthless is the next. As a bosom friend, Sima Jun has some friendship with me. Dimfragrance Valley has no quarrel with me. Yunxia Enchantress pointed to the bound Liuxiang Enchantress and said, "This is the festival!"! No holidays? What you said sounds good! "I won't attack unless I'm attacked," said Chang Yulan! The Lord of the former Valley of Guigu brought disgrace on himself! "Unbridled!" Yunxia Enchantress could not help burning with anger. "Let the Third Sister go quickly," she shouted. "The rest will be discussed separately." "Yes!" Still smiling, Chang Yulan waved to Liu Tiancan and said, "Liu Er!"! Let her go! "Will you let her go?" Asked Liu Mie-can. "Yes," said Chang Yulan without any consideration. Boss Quan stepped forward and said, "Shaoxia, we can exchange her for Ji Ruthless and Sima Jun." Chang Yulan shook her head and said, "There's no need. Let's be generous. Now that we're here, are we still afraid we won't be able to take them away?" "Let go!" He said to Liu Tiancan. Liu Tiancan answered: "Yes!" As soon as he let go, he shook the colorful velvet rope in his hand and shouted, "Go!"! Chang Shaoxia released you from the gate of death! The fragrant enchantress blushed with shame. She jumped up the steps and fell into Yunxia's arms. "Second Sister!" She cried. She burst into tears and was very sad. Yunxia Enchantress put her hand on Liuxiang Enchantress's shoulder and comforted her by saying, "Third Sister,Pallet rack beams, it's a common thing to win or lose!"! Sister, I will pay for you. This tone! The enchantress burst into tears. She raised her head and pointed at Lan Xiu. "That's her," she said. "She doesn't know where the evil is coming from. It's not just me." The method of releasing poison was totally useless, and even the flying centipede was destroyed in her hands! "Oh!" Yunxia Enchantress stared at Lanxiu without blinking. She walked down the steps step by step and said coldly, "Good." Is the beautiful fetus the daughter of the Jinling family? Lan Xiu didn't open her mouth all the time. "You didn't guess right," she said with a smile. "Oh,Pallet rack supplier," said Yunxia Enchantress! That's the young grandmother of the Yuling family! "" "You guessed wrong," said Lan Xiu, whose face was pink. Yunxia Enchantress said in a deep voice, "What is the background of your name?" "I am who I am," said Lan Xiu. "My background doesn't seem to have much to do with you. Chang Shaoxia has already said, hurry up!" Releasing Ji Ruthless and Sima Jun, I'm not going too far, otherwise, the example of the former valley, you can think about it yourself! My words are exhausted. This! Yunxia Enchantress flew into a rage and said, "What if I don't hand you over?" "Like the former valley," said Lan Xiu, "a velvet rope will take you to the latter valley to see the real seal of your three valleys." "Good!" Yunxia enchantress twisted her waist and shouted to the maid on the steps, heavy duty racking system ,Industrial pallet rack, "Weapons!" A maid jumped down the steps, holding a pair of dazzling silver hooks in both hands, and sent them to Yunxia Enchantress. The cloud rosy cloud enchantress took the silver hook, Zheng's voice touched each other, raised the hook to point to the blue show way: "Want to see the true chapter, this valley Lord will accompany!" Lan Xiu smiled and said, "You?"? You don't need me! Yunxia Enchantress was furious. She raised her arms and raised her hook. She rushed forward and went straight to Lan Xiu's face. Be bold! Lan Xiuwen doesn't move. With a loud shout, Tao Lin behind her untied his gray cloth belt from his waist and threw his hand around the silver hook. It's wrapped around me. This change was beyond the expectation of Yunxia Enchantress. She snorted coldly, "It's a bluff. I brought a bodyguard!" Tao Lin shook his belt and forced Yunxia Enchantress to take a step with a hook. The silver hook is a weapon of light weight, with no blade and a hook. In addition, Tao Lin slanted his hand in the ground and suddenly exerted his strength. The cloud rosy cloud enchantress a stagger, the anger is burning, raises the arm to force the silver hook to the bosom suddenly to earn. Who knows, after Tao Lin exerts force oblique belt, already wrapped the belt on silver hook free. One withdraws his hand, the other exerts himself, just under such growth and decline. Yunxia Enchantress lost her strength and almost fell back on her back. She was so angry that her face changed color and she managed to stand firm. Instead of rushing forward to fight with Lan Xiu or Tao Lin, she immediately turned around. Jumping up the steps, the voice said to the maid on the west side, "a black flag is coming out!" "Yes!" When the eight maids heard this, they all turned around and went back to the room. "Poison Heavenly Master" once showed a look of panic on his face and lost his voice: "Black Flag? Lord Ergu, I.. I can There is no antidote! "Don't worry," said Yunxia Enchantress angrily! You can't die. Aren't you the famous Poison Master? Once different busy way: "This." Although the poor way can not detoxify all the poisons in the world, the ninety-nine poisons that can at least detoxify all the poisons are your valley I can't get rid of the one hundred and one poisons of the earth, which are composed of hundreds of poisons! "Take it!" The cloud rosy cloud enchantress mouth is saying, conveniently throws once different a small cloth bag shape mask. Once, as if he had found a treasure, he said loudly to Chang Yulan and his party, "My surname is Chang!"! This is not Maetani's gadget, Black Flag Poison. Ling! If you suffer, you can't eat it all, and you'll suffer! At this time- One of the flagpoles in the hall has slowly raised a triangular black flag. The eight maids who had just entered the room, for some reason, each had a triangular black flag in his left hand and a yellow lantern in his right hand. Everyone wears a mask on his face, covering his nostrils and mouth. Zeng was also busy putting on the mask. Yun Xia Yao Ji Yun gritted her teeth and said, "The real chapter of the Valley Lord is coming again. Hum!"! There is a way to heaven. If you don't go, there is no way to hell. Come by yourself! As he spoke, he put two silver hooks together in one hand and pulled out a black pennant behind his back with the other. Although she pulled out the same triangular black flag, it was embroidered with seven Venus according to the arrangement of seven stars. The little black flag of eight maids has only one gold star. As soon as Chang Yulan saw it, she knew that Yunxia Enchantress was going to use the poison she was good at. She whispered to Lan Xiu beside her,pipe cantilever rack, "How can this be resolved?" Lan Xiu was frowning and meditating, with a rare look of anxiety on her face. She whispered, "Madam gave me the secret book of ten thousand poisons.". omracking.com

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