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Description: Bo Mu waited for a long time, but she was already impatient. "Guang Chengzi," she shouted, "where is my child? If you don't give it back to me. The voice did not fall, the air waves dance. The bright light blows on my face. The six huge red tentacles came flying in. As soon as her heart sank, she did not wait to use the knife, but her right arm was tightly wrapped around her. Her eyes were red, and the heat wave was rolling. She was immediately swallowed into the belly of Emperor Hong. She was so angry that she shouted, "Let go of me.." His left shoulder suddenly felt a sharp burning pain, and he screamed loudly. He turned his eyes and looked at it, but he was surprised. The shoulder that had been cut off by Qing Di had an extra arm, smooth and soft, as if it had been transplanted from a young girl. Just listen to that vigorous and melodious voice buzzing in her ear and said: "Hair body, by the parents, this kindness, this virtue, it is difficult to repay in case!" Surrounded by the uneven red wall meat suddenly squeezed in, wrapped her tightly, and rose and fell rapidly. Bo Mu felt the fierce air surging around, the burning pain in his left shoulder gradually disappeared, his waist suddenly tightened, and a flower in front of his eyes was thrown out of the hot belly by six tentacles like clouds and fog, and floated to the ground. In an instant, the hall was empty, and all the people except her and Dihong had disappeared. Bo Mu looked down and exclaimed, "Ah," his left arm was intact, he could bend and stretch freely, and even the cracks in the wound were seamless and seamless. Surprise is hard to say, only to know that he is really for their own broken arm. Restraining his mind, he said, "a lot.." Thank you very much. After a pause, he added, "Where is my child?"? "When can I see you?" Emperor Hong's brilliant light was inspired and suddenly contracted, and the huge body of the ball gradually turned into a human form, slowly falling to the ground. The light is dazzling, the yellow clothes flutter, and the handsome and heroic posture of Fengshen Yulang can be seen faintly. Bo Mu concentrated for a moment. Suddenly she was taken aback. "It's you," she said. Emperor Hong smiled with a mixture of grief and joy. He bowed down to her and said, "Unworthy son Gongsun Qingyang, pay your respects to your mother!" w w w/xiao shu otx t.com The ninth chapter is deeply rooted. Surrounded by mountains and valleys, the cliffs are like cutting, and the waterfalls are roaring and flying,Amber Dropper Bottles, like silver dragons dancing, straight into hundreds of feet, with great momentum. The shooting fairy stood lightly at the entrance of the cave in the middle of the mountain, dressed in white, and gazed down. The mist is like a needle, the wind is blowing, and the horizontal pines and shrubs on the cliff are undulating and swaying, shining with colorful halos in the sunshine. At the bottom of the cliff, the white waves are rolling and sparkling, and the whitebait is constantly jumping high through the waves, crossing a beautiful arc in midair and falling into the water. Fingertips gently stroked the broken sword, the tentacles were cold, the blue light was shining, and the word "empty mulberry" appeared faintly. Her heart was sour, and tears suddenly dripped down. After a slight condensation on the ridge of the sword, she slipped down and was blown away by the strong wind. The sword has no edge, and the love is broken? Such as beautiful flowers, such as water, in the end, it is just a dream of spring flowers and autumn moon. Looking around, Kongsang Fairy and Shennong's stone elephant both sat in the cave, their eyes facing each other, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, their mouths smiling, and the time of more than two hundred years seemed to be condensed here. The all-powerful past events of that world, the lingering love of life and death in that world, are all like waterfalls ten feet away, vigorous and vigorous, but they have nothing to do with them. Qing Di stood in the cave in a daze, his handsome face was expressionless, and he seemed to have turned into a stone. The sleeves are full of wind and inspiration, and the heart is also as empty as the election, which has never been lost and confused. The shooting fairy knew that he was more sad than he was. She wanted to comfort him, but she didn't know where to start. "Your Majesty," he said in a low voice, "this sword belonged to my aunt. Now that she has turned into a feather, she will return it to its original owner and bury it here with her.. With a flash of blue light, the word "Shennong" appeared on the other side of the sword. Qing Di shook his head and a strange smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. As if sarcastic, as if sad, he said lightly, "The artifact chooses the person, and the day decides whether to stay or not.". Two hundred years ago, she gave the sword to Shennong, and Shennong threw it into the Dragon Pool, and Tuoba boy got it. Now Tuoba boy will send it back to you, it is also an act of God, with the same turn. The pretty face of the aunt shooting fairy darkened. The pain in my heart is like a needle prick. On the eve of parting, Tuo Ba Ye quietly returned the Wufeng Sword to her, although he did not say a word. But their hearts are connected with each other and they know what they mean. When she took the broken sword to the ground that moment, tenderness like twist, there are tears like pouring. If you don't cut it off, it will be chaotic. Cut off, gather and disperse.. Could it be that this is also an act of God, going round and round? Qing Di gazed at the stone statue of Shennong, his heart was surging, and his eyes flashed with resentment, jealousy, misery, admiration, pity and dejection. A lot of looks. "I've been thinking about defeating him all my life," he said slowly to himself. But not only when he was alive, he could not beat him by one or two moves; even when he died, he turned into a stone figure in your aunt's heart. Still a hundred times better than me. Even if I live for another thousand or ten thousand years, I can't beat him any more. The shooting fairy listened in a daze. But he felt as if he were talking about himself between the lines. His ears and cheeks were burning like fire, and tears kept rolling in his eyes. He was miserable, embarrassed and sad. Qing Di was aloof and untamed by nature. He seldom talked to others, and never confided his feelings to anyone. As soon as he was infatuated with Kongsang, love me, love my dog, and in the bottom of his heart he had already regarded the shooting fairy as his own flesh and blood. At this moment, there is no one else in the week, full of sadness like a torrent bursting the dike, and finally it is difficult to suppress. The waterfall was roaring and the birds were singing like faces. I heard the inspiration look up and say, "That summer, when I had just ascended the throne of Qing Emperor, your aunt often came to Yuping Mountain to have a tryst with him.". At that time, your aunt was only ten years old, lively and happy, carefree, and regarded me as the most silent and credible brother, even what he said to her and what he did to please her. Tell me all without warning. It was the happiest and most painful day of my life, listening to what she said, my heart was like a knife, but looking at her smile, I was fascinated. Every day is like floating in the water and suffering in the fire. Several times he tried to say it recklessly, but when he looked into her happy eyes, the words came to his mouth, and his tongue seemed to be tied up. I am Qing Di, all the people submit, the four seas fear, always feel that there is no invincible opponent in the world, can not do anything,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, but in front of her, but at a loss, even breathing can not be natural. penghuangbottle.com

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