The Terror Storm of the End Times

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Description: Many people have found this situation, have changed their faces, more hard to run forward, most people have drunk Fengshen agent, speed surge, but for the mosquito monster who is good at speed, there are still many gaps. We're almost there! At the front of the crowd, Roffe's voice came. Yang Xuan looked as usual, followed closely in the center of the team, before long, a magnificent mountain peak, is appeared in the eyes. The mountain was towering into the clouds, and the mountains were covered with green forests, which looked like a paradise. However, on this mountain, there were sometimes one or two strange animal roars, like thunder running in the sky, which were deafening. Yang Xuan looked down and found that at the foot of the peak, there was a deep cave, about thirty feet high, spacious, in the cave, a dark, bottomless. Yang Xuan eyes show strange light, he is about to speed up the speed to run, suddenly, found a shadow, enveloped the ground, will block the sun. Looking up, overhead is a dark cloud, a closer look, is thousands of ferocious mosquito monster! Into the eye, overwhelming, all over the sky are mosquito monsters,heavy duty cantilever racks, like locusts, "buzzing" sound resounded through the valley, some people who run relatively backward, were caught up by some mosquito monsters, the huge mouthparts like an iron thorn, directly inserted into the body, a suction, the body's blood meridians, all sucked away, in a twinkling of an eye, it became a dry skin and bones, like a skeleton! Many people see such a horrible scene,wire mesh decking, the mind trembles, the face is more pale, only Yang Xuan looks as usual, as if used to see in general. There are ten seconds to run to the entrance of the cave, everyone quickly! Roffe's voice was no longer so flat, but revealed an anxious cry. Many people are in high spirits, 10 seconds, as long as they can persist for 10 seconds, they can survive! However, the ideal is beautiful, but the reality is cruel. At this moment, the mosquito monster group has flown over, to survive in this overwhelming mosquito monster for 10 seconds, but it is more difficult than climbing the sky! "Puff!" A mosquito monster swooped down from the sky, huge mouthparts directly through a young man who ran away desperately not far from Yang Xuan, the young man's body shook, his face immediately full of panic, despair, want to shout, but can not make a sound.. What a desperate pair of eyes! Yang Xuan heart can not bear, the body suddenly seems to have another force, driving him. Under this force, he quickly pulled out the blood-red pike in the ring and flew the mosquito monster out. At this time, warehouse pallet racks ,industrial racking systems, Yang Xuan found that it was too late, the young man had turned into a pile of skin and bones, collapsed. Yang Xuan clenched his fist, took a look at the pile of bones, then did not stay, turned around, and rushed to the hole. Run! Run! Run! All the people are running crazy, Zhou Qing is one of them, he is only 120 times the system, compared with those mosquito monsters, it is too slow! Watching, the black hole, only about 5000 meters away from his own distance, with his speed, only 5 seconds to run past! But just then! Whew! A mosquito monster swooped down from the sky, flapping its wings and making the sound of cutting through the air. Zhou Qing jumped in his heart, looked back, and immediately found that the target of the mosquito monster was himself! It's over! Zhou Qing thought so in his heart, with his 120 times system, simply can not resist the high-speed impact of the mosquito monster. When death stands in front of us, how should we face it? His mind felt a little blank, and only one thought was murmuring: "Are you going to die?" Die! What strange and familiar words! At the moment of death, he thought of his parents in the base city and his lovely sister. (About to die..) Father, mother, Qing son is not filial, can not accompany you.. Tears, from the corner of the man's eyes, he struggled, desperately to survive, in order to let his old parents, as well as the sister who is studying in primary school, live a good life! In order to achieve this goal, he hunts monsters crazily and becomes stronger crazily. But now, at the end of the day, it all ends here? In the sky, the mosquito monster screamed and rushed down. Looking at the mosquito monster constantly dilating in the pupil, Zhou Qing's eyes have been completely desperate, only 5 seconds away from him, at this moment, but as if separated by two worlds! "Puff!" A clear voice issued, Zhou Qing looked up, suddenly found that the mosquito monster rushed to him, the head was trampled by a young man in black! "Run!" Yang Xuan turned his head, took a look at the ordinary-looking young man, and immediately turned around and rushed into the distance. Wait Zhou Qing saw Yang Xuan to go, hurriedly shouted out. Yang Xuan body a meal, did not look back: "What is the matter?" Zhou Qing was stunned. He gritted his teeth and whispered, "What's your name, please?" "Yang Xuan!" Words are still in the wind, Yang Xuan's figure, but has swept to the dark hole. Yang Xuan! Zhou Qing murmured in a low voice, secretly wrote down the name, and rushed to the hole. All this happened in a very short time. When Yang Xuan arrived at the entrance of the cave, he looked back and found that many people were coming here. Lesser Snow- "In vain, a roar resounded through the sky, sounded from a distance, the roar was like a fierce beast locked in a cage roaring, so that the earth under his feet was trembling slightly, causing many people to look up in amazement." Yang Xuan looked along the place where the sound came out, and immediately found that the person who made the sound was Lin Tianhao, whom he had known before! At this moment, Lin Tianhao was dressed in white, stained with a few bloodstains, his black hair was somewhat scattered, holding a three-foot green sword, surrounded by more than a dozen mosquito monsters. On the other side, the girl in white named Ding Xiaoxue, with a strange fingerprint in her hand and a small red light, under her command, killed all the mosquito monsters that rushed up around her. The red light was tiny, like a toothpick. But its power, it is very powerful,warehouse storage racks, every time through, there is a mosquito monster fell to the ground. However, more and more mosquito monsters rushed to Ding Xiaoxue. It seemed that these mosquito monsters had discovered her big threat and rushed to her one after another.

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