The evil dragon of online games goes against the sky

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Description: Stereotyped woman: "… …" Their own words, unexpectedly let them at the same time show the expression of looking at the monster. Ye Tianxie touched his face. "Am I wrong, or is there something on my face?" "That.." Brother Ye, haven't you heard my name before? Mu Xiaoyao asked weakly. Nothing You're famous? Mu Xiaoyao was severely hit. Is this man from another planet? Or have you always overestimated your popularity? "And.." It's all right. My name is Mu Xiaoyao. This is my stage name. I am a singer at present. Mu Xiaoyao had to introduce himself. Oh, my God, there are people who really don't know their names. The stereotyped woman is completely speechless. Does this person really not know or pretend not to know? But the way he looks, he doesn't look like he's faking it at all. China, in addition to the baby who can't speak, there are still people who don't know the name of Mu Xiaoyao! Could it be that this man has just come out of the aborigines? And from his temperament, he is clearly an aristocrat's aristocrat. The singer? No wonder the voice sounds so good. Ye Tianxie said with a smile. But for a professional otaku like him who doesn't listen to music, doesn't watch TV series and movies, and only plays video games and virtual games. At present, he doesn't know any of the more famous singers and movie stars. Hee hee, thank you for your praise. Get Ye Tianxie such a praise, Mu Xiaoyao just because he did not know his name and the entanglement suddenly disappeared,outdoor whirlpool, very happy to laugh up. …… How much income can you get if you sing like this? Ye Tianxie asked a question about who listened and who felt brain-damaged. In fact, this has always been his curiosity, why what what singing can become a millionaire, big rich, singing is really very profitable? Sell Singing.. Mu Xiaoyao had a handkerchief in his hand that he didn't know where to take out. He secretly wiped the cold sweat on his forehead: "Well,4 person jacuzzi, it's all right. Anyway, it's enough to eat and wear.". By the way, I don't know your full name yet. Can you tell me? "Ye Tianxie." "Ye Tianxie." Kind of a weird name. May I ask why you can be so powerful? Have you ever practiced boxing? Mu Xiaoyao asked curiously. I haven't practiced. "Did you practice kung fu, like." "I haven't practiced." Ye Tianxie moved his eyebrows. He really hadn't practiced. He was born with the physique and strength he had. That May I have your phone number? You have helped us so much today, and I will repay you later. For the first time, Mu Xiaoyao, who took the initiative to ask a man for contact information, felt his cheeks burning as soon as he finished speaking. The little demon. The stereotyped woman frowned. It doesn't matter. He doesn't look like a bad person at all. And he doesn't even know my name. He won't hit me or anything. "Let's not." Unexpectedly, Ye Tianxie refused. The two men were stunned, and their faces showed a look like looking at an alien. Mu Xiaoyao took the initiative, or the first time to take the initiative to a person's phone, Chinese spa manufacturer ,jacuzzi suppliers, was so simply refused. "Ah.." Can you give it to me? This is the first time I want a boy's phone number. I really just want to repay you later. Mu Xiaoyao said pitifully. She was really hit today. I didn't know my name, and I was refused even to ask for a phone. Whoo! What a failure. Ye Tianxie yawned and fell back on the soft bed. "I'm going to sleep," he said feebly. "Don't wake me up. Call me when you get to the station." Mu Xiaoyao and the stereotyped woman looked at each other and were completely speechless. Chapter 757 Evil Tiger Mountain. Chapter 757 Evil Tiger Mountain. According to the normal person's thinking and the normal person's way of doing things, Ye Tianxie's action will be playing hard to get. But let Mu Xiaoyao almost no gas to cry is, Ye Tianxie really fell asleep there, but also sleep quite heavy, she tried to call twice, Leng is not awake. Any girl who is used to being praised, whether her heart is good or bad, her temper is gentle or barbaric, will have a very heavy sense of blow when she is so ignored by a boy who makes her feel good for the first time. Even if the man didn't know her, he didn't even take the initiative to ask for his contact information, and even preferred to sleep and didn't bother to talk to her. She didn't even ask to see what she looked like. At eleven o'clock at noon, the plane finally arrived at the station. The sweet tone of the stewardess was mixed with the air friction sound brought by the plane as it slowed down. Ye Tianxie was still lying there, as if he had fallen asleep. Ye Tianxie, get up quickly. It's really your stop. If you don't wear your seat belt like this, you'll fall out of bed. Mu Xiaoyao pushed Ye Tianxie's body and said anxiously. Anyone who has ever been on a plane knows that if you don't wear a seat belt when the fuselage falls, under the feeling of weightlessness, if the fuselage has a small deflection due to the airflow, it can easily throw people several times. This is the first time that Mu Xiaoyao has called a man to "get up" in her life. If she hadn't had a really good impression of him and he had helped them before, she wouldn't have worried about whether the man would fall off the bed. Ah The plane landed, the disappearance of the sense of weightlessness and a slight shock so that Mu Xiaoyao at the foot of an unstable, suddenly fell, just fell on the body of Ye Tianxie. As soon as Ye Tianxie opened his eyes, he felt a warm jade fragrance in his bosom. At the same time, his face seemed to be touched by something soft. When his vision was clear, he looked at a big pair of sunglasses in front of him. Under the sunglasses was the skin, and it was her lips that touched his face. Ah Mu Xiaoyao gave another cry of surprise, hurriedly turned over his body, then hurriedly stood up from the bed, stepped back several steps in a row, and straightened his crooked sunglasses at a loss. The girl's flustered posture does not have a moving taste, Ye Tianxie certainly will not think that she is about to do something wrong to him, immediately thought of the reason,whirlpool bathtub, eyes casually swept, but found that the person she called Jing Jie is not. After that, his eyes fell on Mu Xiaoyao's body and began to look at him unscrupulously.

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