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Description: "Wind Wolf, do you think Yu Yiye is important or Huaxing is important in the future?" Is the future of Huaxing important? Important. But the most important thing is that Yu Yiye is alone. Huaxing can be rebuilt in the future, but if Yu Yiye is gone, it's really nothing. This, and when this sentence was said, the situation was still vivid in his mind. At that time, Wu Xin did not understand, but when he found that all the people were wandering around Yu Yiye, he understood the meaning of it. Maybe even he could not escape. How do you know the dialogue? Do you know something, huh? At that time, I felt very strange. Why was there such a conversation? Number one didn't tell me. Ding Jiang did not continue to answer this question, but turned to say another sentence. We just find these things and end them in the bud. This is a code word, and after such a long mission, it is self-evident what this sentence means. Is it so dangerous? I just opened my mouth to say something, but I was interrupted again. Ah A scream! It's coming from the banquet hall! "Wu Xin." Ding Jiang called Wu Xin, but did not get a reply. But he did not hang up the call, he heard the voice, also heard the sound of Wu Xin pushing open the fire door and rushing out,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and, if he did not mishear, just a very close and sharp voice, is the voice of Yu Yiye! …… Ning Renchu is speechless. He shouldn't have come to this class reunion. What kind of shit is this. From the time he entered the banquet hall dressed in ordinary clothes, except for a few people who were familiar with him, the cynicism of others never stopped, from the time he studied well and did not work. To the end that he doesn't look ordinary but wants to be a flower. The sarcasm in the open and in the dark is almost too annoying to say. I said,Thyroid Powder Factory, brother, why are you warming them? This is like a war of wheels against you. Several good brothers in the dormitory also looked at the situation with a confused face and were speechless. Don't mention it. I guess it was too eye-catching at school before. Can only be helpless to laugh, really do not want to tit for tat with this group of people. By the way, brother, what is your job? Not to say, how can this work? If not, my brother's company still has a vice president's position. The boss of the dormitory is really good for Ning Renchu, but Ning Renchu declined. He was stupid to leave Huaxing in the future. By the way, today's largest banquet hall is the luncheon of the Huaxia Science and Technology Conference. There are many companies cooperating with my company. Everyone and I are going to toast others. This side is whispering, the rich second generation who organized this activity over there, that is, the one who did not deal with Ning Renchu, Sex Enhancement Powder ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, the one who called him opened his mouth. This mouth is to show off, so that Ning Renchu side of the people a good burst of contempt. Ning Renchu has always been quite calm, after all, what storms he has not seen ah, but even so, there are always people who do not let him go. Ning Renchu, you are the best student in our class, and you must have seen the world. You and I will take the lead in this toast. “……” I have a MMP to say. Cursing words are finally suppressed in the mouth, Ning Renchu or picked up the glass to go out together. Destination, Huaxia Science and Technology Conference Luncheon Banquet Hall, next door! How can they get into the main banquet hall? What kind of people can get in? Anyway, not the rich second generation can get in. They can only go to the side of the small banquet hall to meet the accompanying personnel, but this is also worthy of their pride. Ning Renchu followed a group of people to the small banquet hall, while Yu Yiye in the main banquet hall was now chatting with a group of big men in the business empire. Not Tang Yuming, of course. She was crazy to talk to that man. We do have access to the gaming world now, but we're just trying.. A group of people happened to be chatting about the game, and Yu Yiye happened to see Ning Renchu passing by the door of the banquet hall. Chapter 671 drag. So the dialogue was interrupted, a group of people looking at Yiye's attention was suddenly attracted by the scene outside the banquet hall, but also a little surprised, is to follow the eyes of Yiye. I saw a group of people walking towards the side hall. Why is there someone you know in that group, General Manager Yu? General Manager Ma of the Penguin family is also a good player in playing games. Although he has been criticized for various reasons, it can not be denied that he occupies a considerable share. And he also wanted to hear what Yu Yiye had to say about the game, but all of a sudden there was no sound. He was in a hurry, so he first asked Yu Yiye what had happened. Ah, there is a man who is the leader of our game group. Yu Yiye intentionally wanted to take out Ning Renchu. After all, when the game was released in the future, the press conference was Ning Renchu. It was good to see the big brother now. At that time, it was not the time to recognize people. If you really want to communicate at the press conference, you can't recognize people on the spot. It's just right to meet now. Hearing what Yu Yiye said, several big men who were quite interested in the game became interested in Ning Ren. Since it is Yu Zong's subordinate, it is better to call over and have a good chat. There is a specialty in the art industry. Although Yu Zong knows a lot, it is better to let the professional say, isn't it? This said, as if said in a leaf is not clear, if let them know is in a leaf to set the game, it is estimated that they will not think so. But they don't know much. All right, I'll call him. It must be Yu Yiye who calls him to come, because this door is not for the people in the meeting hall, and outsiders are not allowed to enter. By the way, ask your secretary to come in. I think many ladies in the banquet hall are very interested in him. The speaker is one of the bosses, who is not a very powerful marginal figure. This sentence is somewhat like a joke,L Methylfolate Factory, but Yu Yiye still rolled her eyes, saying that her secretary is like a cowherd, there is no such thing.

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