Terraria teaches you how to mine and dig through the early stages.

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Description: Originally published as Terraria teaches you how to mine and dig through the early stages Terraria as a sandbox game, the old rules of mining is essential, so mining is a skill that every player must master, many new players may not know much about mining, so today I will give some small methods and suggestions to new players to avoid some unnecessary mistakes. The first step is the preparation before mining. You need to prepare a hook claw so that you can come up from a very deep place. There is also a necessary pick or drill, which is a necessary tool for digging ore. A wooden board is also a necessary tool. To build a stepped route into the mine, there is a wooden board. Another is the light source, because it is very dark under the mine, you need to be able to see clearly to dig. Then it is mining, mining drill bit , every few times it is necessary to put boards on the surrounding walls to facilitate movement, and put torches or light sources in time where it is invisible, so as to prevent missing important materials and being attacked by monsters. The last thing to pay attention to is that the backpack brought by mining, in addition to the main things, other less, try to ensure that you can dig more, encounter dangerous situations, such as powerful monsters and so on, according to their own equipment and blood volume to estimate whether to run or fight, after all, death is not worth it, if you can fight that you can kill,dth rock bit, maybe there is an unexpected harvest. These are the general mining methods, for the early new players, players can save a lot of trouble. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. wt-dthtools.com

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