Nebula Story "Tanbi Mecha"

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Description: The water splashed in all directions, and under the strong water pressure, the water dragon was ferocious and ferocious, scouring the emaciated body. As the dragon rushed to his face, the man under the current made short, vague moans, whined and twisted his body, trying in vain to avoid the water that jumped into his nose and mouth from time to time. His body was shaking uncontrollably, his eyes were closed, and his wet hair hung lifeless on his pale forehead. Although it had been two years and his face had changed from his old memory, Andy recognized the familiar face at first sight. Che Su. His little servant, who had followed him since childhood, often ran back and forth with a smile and served him wholeheartedly. Death will be the pain of the exclamation suppressed in the tip of the tongue, Andy pinched his palm, and finally controlled his impulse to rush up to stop all this. Startled by the sudden intrusion of the crowd, the prison guard hurriedly turned off the water hose in his hand. As soon as the sound of the water stopped, Che Su, who was hanging, had already given out a violent cough that tore his heart and lungs. Still with his eyes closed, there was a dazzling dark red blood foam at the corners of his mouth,cordierite c520, and his body had a slight spasm and twitch, which gradually stopped for a long time. Hanging his head, the blood foam on his lips gradually flowed down his neck, not thick in color, but sticky and ominous in color, with some suspicious pale yellow. Against the pale skin of the neck, there was an extremely unhealthy dullness. As soon as the prison guard saw Lance, he recognized His Imperial Highness with horror. Dropping the stout hose,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, he saluted respectfully, "Your Highness!" Looking motionless at Chesu, who was hanging there, his Highness Lance's face was expressionless. Andy did not dare to speak, and the warden held his breath and waited. In the quiet underground secret room of the prison, only the sound of "ticking" water continued to sound, falling from the young prisoner, flowing to the corner to form a special slope of the water, quickly draining away, and did not form a deposit in the room. It's Your Majesty.. Tell you to waterboard him? After a long time, His Highness Lance asked lightly. A clear picture came to his mind, and he vaguely remembered the scene in the military Academy. Che-su, who was maliciously bullied by two cadets, was secretly tortured by waterboarding for ten days. Because he will be more afraid of this punishment, ceramic bobbin element ,ceramic welding tape, so the emperor brother will be so cruel to tell? "Oh, it's not!" The guard replied hurriedly and respectfully, "His Majesty the Emperor did not give such an order.". Besides, it's not a punishment. It's just a shower for him. Suddenly looking up at him, his Highness Lance had a strange look in his eyes, as if he was trying to suppress something, as if he did not know what to say. Put him down. He was short and simple, and his voice was as cold as a blade. The warden quickly motioned to the other two guards outside the door to come in together and lowered the emaciated man from the hanging rings. As soon as he was put down, Che Su collapsed and slipped to the ground. Slowly curled up on the cold wet ground, his body trembling gently. At first glance, the most striking thing was the pair of shackles between his feet. It is not a sophisticated electronic type, but a dark pig iron. It looked like dozens of pounds, rough and cold. Slowly opening his eyes, he looked at the crowd in front of him. Under the big dark eyes is a circle of obvious blue halo, long eyelashes are full of water stains. Looking blankly at the sudden increase in the number of people, he shrank a little and shrank closer to the corner behind him. Staring at him suspiciously, Master Andy noticed a strange thing. When Chusu's eyes passed over the crowd, he did not stop at anyone for a moment. Even when I saw myself, I couldn't catch him for a moment. Looking at them blankly for a moment, he sobbed softly, his dark eyes dropped again, and he leaned back, hugging his knees. As soon as the cold metal wall touched his back, he shivered suddenly and moved forward quickly, as if to avoid the coolness. Looking down at his every move, his Highness Lance's face twitched gently. Help him take a shower? He looked back slowly at the warden and the guards, his eyes gloomy. "You're in high spirits.". ” Frightened by the cloudy eyes on the handsome face, the prison guard hurriedly explained: "Report to your Highness, you are really helping him take a bath!"! The prisoner's dementia is so severe that he doesn't know what to do on his own initiative except simply eating and sleeping. If we don't bathe for a long time, we are really afraid that he will have bad sores on his body-this is not unprecedented. Looking at the still sullen face of His Royal Highness Lance, the prison guard was perturbed and his voice was much lower: "Because His Majesty the Emperor said that we must be strictly guarded, so we dare not relax our vigilance in the shower.". Besides, he seems to be afraid of the water and struggles badly every time he takes a shower, so. I had to hang it like this every time. …… No one can describe Andy's thunderous shock at this moment. Dementia?! …………………………………… Dividing line ~ ~ ~ ~ Don't ask too much of Fern. It's not easy for him not to be ruthless. It's impossible to ask the prison guard to take good care of Xiao Su. 87 mobile phone reading mbook. CN. Chapter 163 give you a good time. …… No one can describe Andy's thunderous shock at this moment. Dementia?! Unable to hold back the excitement in his heart any longer, he rushed over quickly! When he crouched down hurriedly, he grasped Che Su's shoulder and shook it vigorously. "What did they say?!"! You You With a sudden shiver, he stared at the familiar and strange eyes in front of him. Still black as jade, still clean and transparent. But there was something more obvious than the eyes he was familiar with. At a loss, shivering, a little shallow timidity. As if looking at him, as if through his face, looking somewhere unknown, gazing, no focus. Susie, it's me. I am Master Andy. Andy said softly,steatite c221, looking into those lifeless eyes, feeling more and more nervous. The focus of Che Su's eyes finally fell on his face. Without any reaction, his delicate brows were so flat that he did not even frown gently.

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