Mountains and seas are boundless

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Description: After the bed curtain was put down, the heavy soft light was cut into tiny starlight through the densely woven silk holes. After the clear footsteps slowly went away, the huge inner room suddenly became empty and quiet, which made people panic. Ye Qingluo raised her left hand, and her wrist was now smooth and neat, as if nothing had happened. But the feeling of the blade across the skin, the feeling of blood gushing from the edge of the knife, the feeling of cold hands and feet. She'll never forget! Lord Shaoge? Heh! It's just a poor man who has half a foot in the coffin and needs to rely on her Ye Qingluo's blood to hang his life! Ye Qingluo seemed to think of something interesting and giggled, her voice echoing in the empty inner hall for a long time. Another year the grass grows and the warblers fly. Spring is late, eight-year-old Ye Qingluo finally left the pile of people around him, along the dense forest path, into the closely guarded Yafangzhai. The sixth brother and the seventh brother made a bet with her that as long as she could get into the Avon Studio and see the so-called secret, they would take her with them the next time they went out. Ye Qingluo really wants to go out to play, so this trip to Yafangzhai, she will go anyway. Yafangzhai is not big, much smaller than the Flying Iris Pavilion where she lives. The scenery along the way was also very dilapidated, and no one was seen for a long time. Ye Qingluo, who was only eight years old,cosmetic packaging wholesale, dared to walk alone along the long corridor. After pushing open the half-closed door, Ye Qingluo saw a woman dressed in green clothes under the willow tree in spring. When the woman heard the noise, she suddenly turned her head sideways and glanced at Ye Qingluo. Empty eyes, obviously a living person, but I do not know why, Ye Qingluo saw the man's eyes, she felt like she swallowed a piece of ice,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, frozen her internal organs are shaking together. The more you shake, the more you want to see. The woman only glanced at her, then turned her head with little interest and continued to stare blankly into the distance. Ye Qingluo felt very uncomfortable in her heart. She wanted the woman to look at her again, but she was too embarrassed to call her. Eight-year-old Ye Qingluo leaned outside the door and stared stubbornly at a blue figure for most of the day. Until the people around him come. Ye Qingluo came and went, except for the first time, the woman never looked back. Ye Qingluo felt so sad that she slowly followed her back to her residence. As soon as she entered the door, she saw her father first. In front of him was a long line of people who were tied up. These people were all servants who served her. Father hugged her, still very loving, patting her on the back, and ordering people to beat the people who were tied up to death. The first time the stick fell on those people, Ye Qingluo began to cry. She cried until her voice was hoarse. Dad just patted her on the back and still refused to let go. Then she stopped crying. She stared at the blood through the clothes of those people, slowly dyed the whole clothes, Blue Bottle Serum ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, and then slowly spread to the ground, in situ accumulated into a pool of blood. Xiang, who played best with her, kept her eyes wide open and looked straight at her. Ye Qingluo refused to show weakness and stared back at her. Staring, she was in a trance, feeling as if she had turned into Xiang'er, the stick with the thickness of an adult's forearm was waving hard in front of her, and the sound of breaking the air seemed to be bloody, and it suddenly hit her. Ye Qingluo woke up with a start. She sat up, her breathing a little unsteady. Biqing lifted the curtain of the bed and looked at Ye Qingluo with a pale face and a look of waking up from a nightmare. She felt sad for a moment and knelt down with a splash. "Miss, listen to Biqing's words and stop!" Ye Qingluo paused, his eyes a little unpredictable, "stop?" Biqing knelt down and walked a few steps. She looked at Ye Qingluo almost piously. "Miss, you are no longer the eldest lady of the Ye family. Don't get involved in the affairs of the Ye family any more.". It's not easy for you to get out of the fire pit. Can you live a good life with your son-in-law in the future? The master and the eldest son are all devoted to the Ye family, how can they consider for you. How about Li Yin? What does it have to do with you? You practice well and serve the Lord and his wife well. Isn't it better than rotting in the mire of the Ye family? Ye Qingluo raised a sarcastic smile at the corners of her mouth? Do you want to live on the blue tide of the sea? Didn't you take a fancy to her just by looking at the sick seedling? If you really have this heart, then I am really happy to help you. "No, Miss," Biqing was so anxious that she blushed. "If Miss doesn't like it here, let's go! Go to a place where no one knows us, now in the empty world, the big childe can't find us. "Think so freely!"! Ok, then you can go today! Master and servant, I untied it for you as early as the first day in the empty world. You can go at any time! "What's the point of Biqing being alone if the young lady doesn't leave?" With a sneer, Ye Qingluo bowed slightly, pinched Biqing's chin and raised her head. "Do you dare to ask me now?"? Uh? Don't you know what you are? Ye Qingluo laughed maliciously. "It's just a dog I saved on a whim. Why, I saved you once, and I want to repay you with my life?"? Ha ha, as expected is born cheap bone, a lifetime of servility! Ye Qingluo got up and straightened her sleeves. "While I'm not going back on my word now, if you want to get out, get away from me.". Stop me, it's impossible! I, Ye Qingluo, was born to be fond of ostentation and extravagance, and I am destined to be noticed by the world! It's better to kill me than to let me live without a name! This blue sea tide rises the position of the wife of the young cabinet, I really sit down! Isn't it just a departure? Wait and see if I can't kill her! …… On the other side, outside the Hall of Flying Stars, Li Yin looked at the Gan Kun bracelet placed in front of the table, and his heart sank slightly. What does that mean, madam? Yan Ruxing looked gently at Yan Changan, who was sitting beside Li Yin. The latter,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, with a cold face, stared straight at Li Yin without blinking, completely ignoring Yan Ruxing.

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