Mang Huang Ji

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Description: Muzishuo, Xiaoqing, Baishuize, Five Crazy Immortals, Cangjiang Zhenren, Beishan Baiwei and a group of people were suddenly stunned. Because Ji Ning and Yu Wei actually hugged! "This, this, this." Muzishuo stammered when he spoke. Master, he and Miss Yu Wei. Xiaoqing is also very surprised. Beishan Baiwei, however, was the first to react and patted his thigh with a smile: "I, Ji Ning brothers, really got it. The test of the Bright Moon Landscape Map of the Fairy Margin Conference let him embrace the beauty." "Mmm." The five crazy immortals quickly shook their heads and felt very comfortable. "I'm going to have a good story in the Black and White Academy!" …… Nine lotus but silently looked at this scene, but she felt that at this moment the world seemed to be quiet. He's still with Elder Martial Sister. "That's right." I am me and he is him! It's just that I want them to be happy forever, or do I want them to be apart? Nine lotus want to bless, but ask yourself. Deep in the bottom of her heart, I do not know why there is still a faint expectation, looking forward to Ji Ning and Yu Wei separated. Jiu Lian is also an immortal who understands the original mind. She immediately analyzed her heart and silently said, "Love is sad. Although I have realized the original mind, looking at Ji Ning always makes my heart lake surge again.." If I want to go further on Xiuxian Road, I will never see him again. "Good for him, good for me." Nine lotus made a decision, such as the end of the meeting, then back to the east YanShi,Ceramic Bobbin, unless it is really necessary, otherwise absolutely no longer meet. One side of the East Yan Lao Zu took a look at the side of the nine lotus behind him, he also noticed the eyes of nine lotus. Those are determined eyes! East Yan Lao Zu gently shook his head, Ji Ning and nine lotus come to this step is not the result he expected, but this is the choice of nine lotus heart, he will not intervene. In the landscape map of the bright moon. Yu Wei also hugged Ji Ning tightly, she felt the warmth of Ji Ning's body, felt a kind of satisfaction and happiness, she has not had this kind of happiness for a long time,ceramic welding tape, too long ago, past and present life are only short happiness in childhood, now she has this kind of happiness again, which makes her unable to help but shed tears. She moved and hugged Ji Ning more tightly. Her mind could not help recalling the terrible existence in her previous life, which made her heart tremble, and also made Yu Wei bite her lips, which were bloodstained, and silently said in her heart: "I swear, even if I am scared out of my wits, I will never hurt you.". Absolutely not! After the heart made a decision, Yu Wei instead relaxed, all had the preparation of the soul, the knot in the heart is not there. My man. A smile appeared on Yu Wei's face. Ji Ning hugged Yu Wei, smelling the natural body fragrance of Yu Wei, the fluff on the neck also touched his face, Ji Ning felt unprecedented calm, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,ceramic igniter electrodes, not so calm for a long time, he could feel the woman in front of him and his heart is very close, two people seem to be one. From now on, "Ji Ning whispered in Yu Wei's ear, as if it were a promise," Yu Wei, you are my woman. " "You are mine, too." Yu Wei also whispered. Both of them felt each other's heart. You are willing to die for me. I, too, would die for you. In the future, you and I will walk together and never abandon each other on the road of cultivating immortals. Yu Wei. Ji Ning let go of Yu Wei, looked at her dark face, even way, "you were poisoned?" "The poison of ten thousand poisonous stings is peculiar." Yu Wei gently shook his head, "the elixir on my body can only be suppressed for one or two hours, to detoxify this strange poison or use some precious and rare elixir that can detoxify billions of strange poisons, or specially configure the elixir to detoxify this poison.". There is no way in this world of bright moon and landscape. I have to go out. Ji Ning gritted his teeth and watched Yu Wei get through the test, but now he had to go out, because if he didn't detoxify, once he couldn't suppress the poison, he would die. All right, don't be unwilling. Yu Wei smiled, looking at Ji Ning, eyes full of happiness, "in fact, can get you, better than any reward at the Xianyuan Congress." "Mmm." Although Ji Ning wanted to be with Yu Weiduo, he still said, "You have to detoxify and go out quickly. This toxin is not so easy to solve." "This is the capital of Daxia, and it's not difficult to detoxify when people from all walks of life gather outside." Yu Wei nodded, "these letters are for you." Whoa. Suddenly, a large number of symbols appeared around. Yu Wei looked at Ji Ning. Hum ~ ~ "Invisible fluctuations came, directly moved Yu Wei out.". Ji Ning put the amulet away, in fact, the amulet he got after killing Xia Munch and Feixue Zhenren was enough for him and Yu Wei to pass the test, but he was poisoned by ten thousand poisonous insects. We have to go out to detoxify. Whoosh! Ji Ning immediately took a step and turned into a streamer and disappeared. The main hall of Tianmang Hall. The nine pure Yang immortals all looked at the landscape map of the bright moon. This Yu Wei is coming out, Xia Mang, you move her directly. Lu Dongbin Liandao. Xia Huang sat high on the throne and smiled. Whoa. The girl in black, whose height is over 1.7 meters according to the earth algorithm and whose skin is as smooth as white jade, appeared in the main hall of Tianmang Hall, and next to the nine pure Yang immortals. Uh As soon as Yu Wei saw the surroundings, she was suddenly confused. The Xia Emperor sitting high above, the other name of Chunyang Zhenxian, that did not deliberately converge and naturally spread out the fluctuations. Then let Yu Wei feel frightened, she had seen a fairy in her previous life, but also more than one. The presence in front of her gave her the feeling that she was too strong to be a fairy. Yu Wei took a look at the rear, and the breath of nearly a thousand celestial beings in the rear was equally amazing. Yu Wei, disciple of the Black and White Academy, pay your respects to Your Majesty. Yu Wei immediately knelt down and was very respectful. It's clever. Xia Huang smiled and praised, "get up." Lu Dongbin is interested in looking at Yu Wei, in fact, the presence of the other eight pure Yang Zhenxian is simply look down on Yu Wei, a reincarnation of female immortals,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, Lu Dongbin is more interested in Yu Wei. Little girl Lu Dongbin threw out a flagon directly, and the flagon flew to Yu Wei. Yu Wei connected, but her eyes were puzzled. Drink it. Lu Dongbin ordered directly.

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