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Description: Shen Dongshan was so frightened that he forced himself to laugh and said, "That's because your Lord thinks highly of me. I'm flattered.." "Do you really think I'm Nanling, sir?" Asked Huangfulin. Shen Dongshan was surprised and said, "Your Lord's words.." "I'm asking you, sir," said Huangfulin. Shen Dongshan hurriedly said, "Shen Dongshan naturally thinks that he is your master face to face." Huangfulin smiled and said, "Well, who is your master?" Shen Dongshan was stunned and said, "This.." "Please speak, sir," said Huangfu Lin lightly. Shen Dongshan turned his eyes and said, "Do you really want me to say?" "" I thought you were asking too much, "said Huangfulin. "So.." Shen Dongshan forced a laugh and said, "I thought I was the real Lord." As soon as Huangfu Qiong's face changed, he shouted, "Shen Dongshan, you're still dying.." Huang Fulin raised his hand and said, "Joan." Huangfu Qiong immediately kept silent. Huangfulin smiled indifferently and said, "So you don't think I'm Huangfulin?" "That's the truth," said Shen Dongshan. Huangfulin said with a smile, "You deserve to be known as the'Evil Master 'of Wulin. You are really alert.." After a pause, he said, "In fact, you should say that, so I can't ask you who your master is. It's just that, sir, you may not be able to beat me.." "I'm telling the truth," said Shen Dongshan. "Even if you are telling the truth," said Huangfulin, "I still want to ask, once your master has torn off his mask and removed his brilliant transfiguration, who is he,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, sir?" "As far as I know," said Shen Dongshan, "I don't wear a mask, and I don't change my face." Huangfu Qiong raised her eyebrows steeply and said, "Shen Dongshan, you are.." "Don't forget, daughter," said Huangfu Lin with a smile, "you've already given him to me." "" Yes, father, "said Huangfuqiong. Shen Dongshan suddenly said, "I have a suggestion.." "I'll take whatever I can," said Huangfulin. Shen Dongshan glanced at Huangfu Qiong and said, "Why don't you ask Miss Qiong? I think she knows better than I do." "You know she doesn't know.." said Huangfulin with a smile. "Miss Qiong is my palm bead," said Shen Dongshan. "There is no.." "But her biological father is right in front of you now," said Huangfulin. Shen Dongshan shook his head and said, "I think Miss Qiong made a mistake.." "Don't worry about him, Sex Enhancement Powder ,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, sir," said Huangfulin. "I'll ask you.." Shen Dongshan said, "I think I am the real'Southern Order '." Huangfu Lin didn't seem to hear it. He smiled and said, "Sir, I heard that Huyanhai, the'West Devil ', shot down the son of Fei Zhongzun, Zhu Rong. Is that true?" "It's absolutely true," said Shen Dongshan. "I heard you told Joan the news, too, didn't you?" Asked Huangfulin. Shen Dongshan said with a sigh, "This is what I should do. I know the girl.." "Now I know that Fei Zhongzun's son is not dead," he said to Huangfulin. "And I also know that Qiong'er captured the West Devil and took him to Zhu Rong. Do you know that?" Shen Dongshan shook his head and said, "I don't know." "Didn't you say you met Master Zuo outside Changsha?" Asked Huangfulin? Who was I with? "I don't know him," said Shen Dongshan. "Even if you don't know him," said Huangfulin with a smile, "do you think the West Devil is dead?" "I don't know," said Shen Dongshan. "But in my opinion, as long as he falls into Miss Qiong's hands, he should never have a chance to live." "Yes," said Huangfulin with a smile, "but if that's the case, won't Qiong become a sinner.." Shen Dongshan shook his head and said, "I don't agree with you. Miss Qiong is avenging Fei Shaoxia.." "Fei Mu is not dead," said Huang Fulin. Shen Dongshan said, "But it's a fact that Master Huyan shot down Shaoxia Fei, Zhu Rong." "I admit it," said Huangfulin. ” "Besides.." "Miss Qiong didn't know that Fei Shaoxia wasn't dead," said Shen Dongshan. "I admit," said Huangfulin, "she doesn't know, but you do." With a shock, Shen Dongshan said, "I don't know. 'Zhu Rong' is extremely far away. Hugh said he was shot down. Even if he lost his footing and fell, anyone would think he would die." "That's right," said Huangfulin. "But you didn't report the news to Qiong'er until you met Fei Shaoxia." "I told you," said Shen Dongshan, "I don't know.." Huangfulin said, "Your master hurt me first, and then hurt Qiong'er. You can imagine how vicious his heart is. I've already stopped Qiong'er from punishing you, but there's one person who won't let you go." "Who are you talking about?" Asked Shen Dongshan. "West Devil Huyanhai," said Huangfulin. Shen Dongshan's face lost its red color and he lost his voice and said, "He, he's not dead.." "Didn't I say that?" Asked Huangfulin? If he died, wouldn't Joan be a great sinner? Shen Dongshan suddenly calmed down and said, "I don't think Miss Qiong will spare him." "Of course." Huangfulin said, "According to Qiong'er's wishes, ten more Huyanhai won't survive. It's just that you shouldn't have fallen into the trap of Leng Yuchun in the East Lake and made a slip of the tongue after drinking.." "Leng Yu Chun?" Asked Shen Dongshan. "Not bad." Huangfulin said, "He planned to get away from the two demons of the Western Regions and rushed to Nanyue to stop Qiong'er. He happened to meet my husband and wife on the way. My husband and wife stopped Qiong'er in time. Do you understand?" Shen Dongshan's face changed greatly. He gritted his teeth and said, "What a Leng Yuchun! So he.." Shut up. "Don't blame him," said Huangfulin with a smile. "You should only blame yourself.." After a pause, he said, "Huyan Ximo's temperament and temper are well known. I'm afraid you haven't heard of his ruthless and vicious ways of dealing with evil people, especially those who harm him." Shen Dongshan's body trembled. Huangfulin smiled and said,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, "I don't know if you believe it or not, but Huyanhai is nearby now. I just need to give a light roar, and he will come to see what's going on." Shen Dongshan's body trembled again. pioneer-biotech.com

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