Full Service Public Enemy: The Great God Wants to Turn Over

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Description: This woman doesn't want to take care of herself! As for her command? Don't think he hasn't seen her video! But the national war is not quite the same as brushing the book. So, the eight-sided breeze agreed. The command ability of President Bai Yexing is obvious to all. I agree with the proposal of the supporting role. At that time, the young man also opened his mouth, and anyone with a discerning eye could see that he was helping. Jiang Xi touched his nose, "I propose that I be the vanguard, after all, Murphy came for me this time." As soon as the breeze stagnated on all sides, his eyes flashed slightly. He just thought she didn't want to do anything, but why did she suddenly change her story? Based on this point, the ups and downs are also slightly stunned, some do not understand, the supporting role is making a fuss? Chapter 248 supporting role: add more for the helmsman of Muwu. Jiang Xi with a smile, these play with the brain, always think things too complicated, think about it, no matter how you think about it can not guess her intention! Vanguard. Literally, it is the vanguard that takes the lead. In this team, the number of people does not need to be too large, but each member must be well-matched. That is to say, according to the current way of cooperation, from the elite group of each guild, select the right players to form the vanguard. And her supporting role is the captain of this team! This is the understanding of everyone here. But the idea in Jiang Xi's heart is not like this,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, "what do you think?" Seeing that everyone did not speak, Jiang Xi asked again. Now only two people agree with her proposal, but in the final analysis, people speak lightly, dozens of people present, what is the use of two people's approval? "I am in favor of the supporting role leading the vanguard." "Qing Wei Mu smiled and said this." And I agree. Sa song lightly took over the words, and his side of the thousand cups of wind and moon drunk also opened his mouth to second, "I also agree." The three presidents of the Freedom League all agreed. Perhaps it is Jiang Xi's proposal to show goodwill,Magnesium Oxide price, followed by the white night line also opened his mouth, "the strength of the supporting role is obvious to all, the vanguard led by her is very appropriate." "I agree with that. When it comes to going it alone, there are not many people who are the opponents of the supporting roles." Said the black and white song, looking unexpectedly at the young age at that time. On behalf of my side, I also agree that the supporting role will lead the team. At least you suddenly interrupted, and the scattered players who participated in the meeting, led by him, turned around and agreed. I'm sure I agree. My sister, the supporting role, must be in favor of it. The ruffian of the world said this in World War I. The big picture has been decided. Most of the people agreed. Lanyue's face was calm and she did not speak. Throughout the conference room, it is estimated that only the flames of war and her face are the same, after all, both of them have suffered losses in the hands of supporting roles. I also agree that the supporting role should lead the vanguard. Ups and downs finally opened his mouth, he did not look at the faces of the people, Magnesium Oxide price ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, continued to say, "about the vanguard, also asked the guild to hand in a specific list, each guild at least 10 people, according to the standard team selection.". The list is in duplicate, one for me and one for the supporting actors. The above is the preliminary matching plan. Do you have any questions? If there is no doubt, that's all for today's conference. Here we need to remind you that in the meantime, please keep the private chat channel open so that you can contact at any time. After the ups and downs, he looked at Jiang Xi intentionally or unintentionally. Basically, everyone knows that this woman really doesn't like to open all kinds of contact channels. Annoyed her, directly shield pull black name. This personality is no one else. The meeting is over. Jiang Xi quickly stood up and said to the young man beside him, "President, I have something to deal with. I have something to talk about privately." Put down the words, she also did not care about other people, at the foot of a flash, very fast disappeared in the conference room. In just a few minutes, Jiang Xi entered the transport array and was transported to Heidi City. Heidi City. It is said that this is the hometown of the famous potion master Heidi, and it is named Heidi City after this city. Unlike Zhu Lingmei, an incumbent NPC, Heidi is a legendary figure, and his whereabouts are a mystery, whether he is still alive is unknown. Jiang Xi turned several alleys and came to a small courtyard full of lilacs in full bloom. Although this seems to be a residential residence, it is a real hidden high-end shop. At the beginning, Jiang Xi bought the necessary items such as stealth pills here. "Where is your grandfather, Ziqi?" Stepping into the yard, I saw a little girl squatting in front of the garden, carefully weeding. It's the supporting sister! The supporting sister lied and said she would often come back to see me, but I waited for a long time and didn't see the supporting sister. Ziqi raised her head, saw the familiar smiling face, and immediately began to complain. Little Ziqi, the outside world is very dangerous. It's not easy for my sister to come here. You have to understand her suffering. Jiang Xi pulled the corners of her mouth, deceiving children or something, which made her feel guilty. Well, I'll take my sister's words. Is she looking for my grandfather? Grandpa is out of town and won't be back for two days. Ziqi blinked her big eyes and said innocently. Did Grandpa say where he went? Jiang Xi asked with a smile. Where else to go? Every month at this time, Grandpa will go to the north to stock up. He has been there for eight days and will be back in two days. Sister, is there anything important? If not, I can only wait for my grandfather to come back. Hearing this, Jiang Ximing. It seems that the boss has gone to transport the goods. Nothing, just come to buy something, little Ziqi can decide? Did Grandpa say anything? Jiang Xi crouched down, turned over in the backpack, and found a square towel to wipe her sweat. It turned out to be shopping. Grandpa told us to wait until he came back. But you're a sister, so I can sell it to you. Little Ziqi blinked mischievously, and then she took Jiang Xi's hand, "Sister, come with me. Grandpa kept something for you." After entering the room, little Ziqi pulled Jiang Xi all the way to the counter. She went to the back of the counter and took out a big bundle. These are what Grandpa prepared, and my sister should be able to use them. Jiang Xi looked,calcium nitrate sol, good guy, everything was prepared according to the weight she bought last time. Also, there is a new thing added to it. Invincible Dan! This is good stuff!. stargrace-magnesite.com

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