Break up, I want to go to Harvard!

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Description: She was hired as an overseas independent researcher at the Language Research Center of Cambridge University, and has the qualification to access all the questions in the official question bank of Cambridge IELTS. If there are no rules to restrict her, but she is allowed to continue teaching IELTS courses, the official Cambridge IELTS will face a major leak accident. As for the third item, it's not a big deal. Instead, it's like a benefit for all researchers, including food, accommodation and round-trip air tickets. What's wrong with letting all researchers go to London for a tour? Xie Shuyao thought that he had compiled a series of IELTS teaching AIDS, which had been sent to the publishing company of New West to review, proofread, publish and print, and quickly put the translation of those manuscripts on the agenda. Her manuscripts do not contain the "confidential content" that Cambridge IELTS officials are worried about, so she is not worried that Cambridge IELTS officials will stop the publication of those manuscripts. On the contrary, Chen Hang has been having trouble sleeping and eating recently. Zhixue Education's IELTS intelligent learning plan has been relatively perfect, but in his original design intention, timely updating of the most complete IELTS real questions is one of the main highlights. Now this highlight is obviously not bright. Xie Shuyao's live class, which is complementary to the IELTS intelligent learning plan, is also facing a halt. Although the original recording and broadcasting can be reused all the time,Warehouse storage racks, However, the advantages of intellectual education will undoubtedly be greatly reduced. What should I do? Chen Hang had the idea of letting Xie Shuyao resign as an overseas independent researcher at the English Research Center of Cambridge University, but he soon gave up the idea. How could he have such a big face? With no way out, Chen Hang once again invited Xie Shuyao to the hotpot restaurant and asked Xie Shuyao about his future plans. Xie Shuyao has also been thinking about this issue these days. She told Chen Hang, "I may not give up all the IELTS, but I will certainly not provide any substantive content for the IELTS Intelligent Learning Program in the future." "I will keep track of the official developments of Cambridge IELTS, and then I can open some live courses appropriately to share the official developments of Cambridge IELTS,Pallet rack upright, so as to help candidates grasp the general direction of preparing for the exam and avoid the risk of detours." "But the methods I'm talking about are not set up to cope with one or two exams. The purpose of those methods is the same, in order to improve English ability as quickly as possible and integrate English thinking, so those methods can continue to be used. When there is a better way, it's not too late to take those courses offline." "In addition, I suggest that intellectual education continue to do this section of IELTS, I can not act as the main force to provide content, then recruit more teaching and research teachers who specialize in providing IELTS content, there should be not a few IELTS teachers who want to switch to intellectual education." Chen Hang asked Xie Shuyao, "what about you?"? After that, do you plan to prepare for the college entrance examination? Xie Shuyao shrugged her shoulders. She took out her mobile phone to brush the micro-blog. She found the micro-blog homepage of the green teacher. Pointing to the top one, she said: "The green teacher is going to transfer to the English education for postgraduate entrance examination. I believe her vision. After that, I will also talk about English for postgraduate entrance examination." Recently, I bought several sets of real English questions for postgraduate entrance examination, Drive in racking system ,Narrow aisle rack, pondered over them carefully, and then saw if there were any institutions that recruited English teachers for postgraduate entrance examination. Cambridge IELTS official does not allow me to teach IELTS, nor does it say that I am not allowed to teach English for postgraduate entrance examination and CET-4 and CET-6 in China. Before I find a better job, I have to take this job well, otherwise what can I rely on to eat? Chen Hang was suddenly amused, "you can't swallow that tone, want to fight with Gu Lu?"? Then fight! But you said you were going to teach English for the postgraduate entrance examination, and I was going to open another sub-line product for Zhixue Education, but I can't decide such a big thing by myself, so I have to discuss it with other partners in the studio, give me a week, and I'll give you a reply in a week, how about that? "If our studio is not going to eat this fat and oily cake, I suggest you go to New West. You also know General Manager Wang of New West. With this relationship, he will certainly not treat you badly.". The platform of New West is big, there are many students, and with your fame, it is not difficult to get ahead. ” The author has something to say: that's all for today. In the next few days (until before the clip), we will update a chapter. Don't be impatient. After the clip, I will update it fiercely! The twentieth stop To be fair, Chen Hang really wants to swallow the market of English tutoring for postgraduate entrance examination, but he has to do what he can. The studio under his name started with intellectual education. Originally, it had been operating a product of reciting words. Later, after getting to know Xie Shuyao, they developed a product of comprehensive improvement of listening, speaking, reading and writing supplemented by reading. Later, they developed the IELTS Intelligent Learning Program, which became popular with the IELTS Intelligent Learning Program and became a little famous in the industry. If you want to develop the English intelligent learning plan for postgraduate entrance examination, Chen Hang needs to consider not only the problem of funds, but also the problem of personnel. Perhaps for entrepreneurs, the capital problem is the most difficult mountain to cross, but for Chen Hang, the capital problem is a trivial matter, he can temporarily borrow a sum from his father Chen Run, and then return it after the project is officially profitable, what he really worries about is the personnel problem. Chen Hang cherishes the team that runs in just right now. Joining new people at this juncture will inevitably have an impact on the team. Even if there will be an impact later, it should happen after the team is quite stable and has a certain ability to bear risks. Chen Hang himself dares to take this risk, but it does not mean that other partners are willing to do so. ———————————————— Xie Shuyao was not in a hurry to find a home for herself. She bought a set of real questions about English for postgraduate entrance examination, and then bought all the mainstream teaching AIDS about English for postgraduate entrance examination on the market, intending to take time to look at them. Domestic English examinations have always been known for their tricky angles,long span shelving, and Xie Shuyao really dares not compare English for postgraduate entrance examination with IELTS. It is not a long time before the postgraduate entrance examination. Even if Xie Shuyao plans to start classes again, it will be next year. She plans to start classes again in March and April after the New Year, so as to leave herself some time to prepare for the college entrance examination and the upcoming Global Youth English Speech Summit.

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