Angel of mischief

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Description: The moonlight was like weaving, dragging the shadows of me and Xiu hugging each other long. Uh In Asho's deep and touching kiss, I made such a strange sound that I was so ashamed that I opened my eyes. What came into view was Xiu's handsome face with his eyes still closed. The super enlarged version makes my heart beat fast again. He opened his eyes slightly, and the hand holding the back of my neck did not let go, but raised the corners of his mouth and chuckled, "Remember to breathe." With such a tender and seductive tone, it is simply to achieve the opposite effect. I was humiliatingly more disordered breathing, and my hands and feet were weak. He wrapped my hand in the palm of his hand with pity and said nothing, but kissed me more passionately. Once and again. And then, like the tide, it swept in. It's like the waves are carrying me in the sea. I tried to move a little distance and said in a very thin voice, "Xiu, I, I'm a little unsteady." He froze for a moment and then smiled with satisfaction. Forehead against my forehead, the waist of the arm and increased the strength, "you are telling me that you feel good?" I didn't speak at all. I just looked at him stupidly. He stopped and winked at me a little evilly. Then you say, do you want to continue? He still asked in a bad way. ……" I blushed and nodded. He laughed out loud happily and took my lips gently again as he wished. In the evening breeze of summer night,calcium nitrate sol, there is his murmur. Why? Your lips are always so sweet, like honey. I tugged at the corner of Asho's shirt. Leaning on his chest, you can hear his strong heartbeat. And my breath, perfectly in tune. I want to walk slowly hand in hand with this person. Looking at the surrounding scenery, there must be a wonderful experience. Xiu, it's summer vacation after the exam. "My voice,Magnesium Oxide powder, through his cotton shirt, seemed to reach his heart directly." Shall we go on a trip? " I said softly. There was a look of surprise on his face, but it soon faded. What's the matter, won't you? My heart suddenly fell a little weightless. "No, I'm happy, I'm really happy," he said softly, hugging me and putting his chin on my head. "It's just, Qi Meng, I'm going to Germany for a summer internship during the summer vacation." I looked up at him. "How long?" "Two months." I looked down, and my plaintive eyes were still clearly captured. I'm sorry He took my hand and gently apologized. Looking at Xiu's guilty expression, I pulled out a smile, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, "It's all right to pull, it's all right to pull, this kind of thing is more important.". Besides, I'm going to Germany again. I've never been abroad. I'm so envious! With a charming smile on his face, his body moved a little bit away. I'm so hypocritical. My heart is clearly saying, don't go, stay with me, our first summer vacation. Most importantly, after this summer vacation, I will be a senior. You may find a job early and start working. In other words, this is my last summer vacation in college. It must be false to say that you are not disappointed. But this justification cannot be refuted at all. There is a feeling of melancholy in my heart. What's the climate like in Germany now? Ah, speaking of, I don't know how much time difference there is between Germany and here. I talked to myself, and Xiu looked at me without saying a word. Finally he said, "Why do you talk so much all of a sudden?" I kept silent. No, it's just that there are a lot of unsolved mysteries and a lot of things I want to know. A drop of cold sweat on his forehead. It's getting late. I'm going home. I turned around in a hurry. "That's it. I'm leaving.". Goodbye Without waiting for Xiu to answer, I was like a defeated general who had run away and wanted to rub oil on the soles of his feet. In the heart repeatedly admonishes oneself, must not be capricious. But I can't help but come up with an anxious tone. What the hell am I doing. Stealthily glancing at Xiu, he stood where he was. Despise yourself again. Just as he was about to lift his feet and leave, Xiu, who had been silent all the time, suddenly reached out and grabbed me. Are you angry?! "No!" I answered in alarm that it was common sense to be seen through and denied. Mingming is angry! He said firmly. I really don't! I firmly deny it again. Qi Meng, don't be awkward, OK? He begged softly. I don't have it! The tone is inexplicably softened. Hugh had never spoken to me so humbly. A little willful action will make our hearts feel a little bit pulled up. It's really not good to do so. I sighed and pouted a little angrily. I'm just.. a little disappointed. "When I come back, shall we go on a trip together?" Xiu said, "Actually, I've been planning for a long time." I looked at him in surprise. "Well, how could you hide it?!" Part 4: Verse 47: Being touched by a woman makes you blush. "Secret." "There are too many secrets!" I sniff, but there is a real smile on my face. So, so are you, and you must speak out when you are unhappy! He said so, with a little command and a little request. Oh "What I fear most is." "What is it?" "Yes, you." Don't tell me what you're thinking. I nodded silently. Me, too, Hugh. What I fear most is that I don't know what you're thinking. That's settled. Don't sulk any more. "Oh." "And when you quarrel and make a phone call, don't dump the phone." "I'm not so unreasonable." I glared at him angrily. He laughed. "Just in case." Hum, the cold hum in the nose, but can not help laughing out. The special significance of this summer vacation to me is not mentioned for the time being. Besides, the meaning is not artificially added out of it,Magnesium Oxide MgO, do not think about those, it is not a big deal. It's a pity. You can make it up later. Because Xiu and I will always be together. Here's what I think. When I got home, it was very late.

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