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Description: Originally published as Not wearing underwear in 2021? I was shocked after reading it! Hello, sisters, good evening. Have you seen a group of photos exposed on the Internet? Zhang Shaohan, wearing a backless high-slit skirt, has beautiful legs and graceful posture, which has attracted the praise of netizens! I have to say that the high-waisted skirt with a slit is really beautiful. As long as the female stars wear it, they can kill all sides. Everyone may have the same question as me. How can they not be exposed when their skirts are slit to the waist? Is it directly "no underwear", "no underwear" vacuum battle?! It's so exciting, and it's really not everyday.. Especially when summer is coming, we girls want to buy all kinds of dresses to satisfy our love of beauty. Expand the full text Wear a cool skirt, but also show a good figure, earn enough to turn heads. However, they often encounter various embarrassing situations: Up and down the stairs, bending down, a wild wind blowing, the underwear in the skirt instantly exposed in front of passers-by, was at a glance, embarrassed to find a crack drill! In addition to prevent exposure, but also to prevent sexual predators! Take pictures on the subway and bus. Leaders stare at your thighs face to face and talk about work. ... Even when you are getting on the elevator, take a picture of your skirt with your mobile phone, turn it into a small video and sell it on the Internet, which is outrageous. Dress cool and sexy, and be safe. Nowadays, many stars appear on formal occasions, no matter how long or short their skirts or trousers are, they will match a pair of "defensive" safety pants. Exactly! No one wants to be attacked by a gust of evil wind on the main road, and it turns out to be underwear under the blown skirt! Safety pants are not only anti-exposure and anti-wolf, but also an important umbrella to protect private parts. Usually take the bus and subway, close to the restaurant chairs, subway seats, taxis and other places where countless people have sat, bacteria are overflowing dirty ah! But in the hot summer, underwear + safety pants + skirt, wrapped layer after layer, three layers tightly coiled around the waist, like a steamer. Hot, itching,large print tape measure, grinding out the skin, sweat into steam, buttocks are steamed red, bored to no good! Last time my best friend gave me a set of safety pants, only to find that it can be called "naked wear"! Scolded her, such a good thing to share now! "Toumeng Ice Silk Traceless Safety Pants" This pair of anti-exposure/naked wear traceless/breathable safety pants is enough for daily wear in summer. The female colleagues who run the company saw the samples and bought them one after another. They had recommended them to everyone before, but every time they were snatched up. The first time I put it on, I was amazed by its soft and cool touch, like soaking in a mountain spring in summer, cool and comfortable. So light and thin, under the high temperature of 38 ° C, wear it to go shopping all day, the private parts are still fresh and breathable. The point is,custom tape measure, it's a good deal! If you buy two pieces of good underwear and safety pants now, it will cost 100 yuan. And it 1 = underwear + is safety pants, 5 only 69 yuan! Not all safety pants can be worn as underwear! We should know that our underwear is airtight, especially in warm and humid environment, which is most likely to breed bacteria. And this pair of safety pants has made a lot of efforts in the crotch. Independent bottom crotch design, so that every time you wear a skirt, you can give your private parts an "exclusive bodyguard". If you want to completely nip the germs in the cradle, it is very important to keep your private parts "dry". The inner part is made of 100% pure cotton fabric, which is breathable and hygroscopic, giving 24-hour care to private parts. Pour a little water on the crotch, absorb it in a second, quickly expel moisture, and keep it dry all day. Another advantage of strong breathability is that it eliminates odors. The sweat and odor secreted by private parts can be effectively eliminated and discharged, which greatly reduces the probability of gynecological inflammation. They will not rub their private parts, try not to create a livable environment for bacteria, and wear more comfortable and reassuring clothes. When I got this pair of pants, I happened to be on my period. After trying them on for a day, I felt my private parts were breathing freely. Even if there are secretions or menstrual blood stained inside the file, it can be easily cleaned ~ 1 = underwear + safety pants, say goodbye to 2 layers of stuffy feeling, you can wear the upper body directly, no need to wear underwear! The most amazing thing about these safety pants is that they are silky, cool and super light! The touch of the hand was very cold, more comfortable than silk, and it slipped down in an instant when it hung on the arm. Wear on the body, bra tape measure ,garment measuring tape, like the wind blowing from the skin, feel a cool breeze, even in the high temperature of 38 ° C, will not be stuffy out of a sweat. In order to have a better experience, Toumeng also designed hundreds of thousands of air holes on the fabric of the trousers. In summer, the heat on the body can be smoothly discharged from the body through these air holes, the body is cool, sweating is reduced, so that it will not be wet and stick to the body, not afraid of stuffy to the private parts. Like cotton, ice silk is a natural ingredient, which is much higher than cotton in terms of breathability, ice feeling and softness. Ice silk fabric automatically absorbs moisture and sweats every time it sweats, so that the safety pants are lower than the outside clothes, and the private parts will feel very comfortable. Even if the hot air covers the ice silk safety pants, there is no hindrance and the hot air is discharged smoothly. In the hot summer, even if the buttocks sweat profusely, these 100000 air holes are like a small fan that starts to ventilate and keep dry all day! After wearing it and sitting for a whole day, the lower part of the body keeps a cool pleasure. It's really amazing! Not only is it silky and soft enough, but it's also thin enough! The thickness is only 0.02 mm, which is similar to the thickness of an A4 paper. Such light and thin safety pants, that is the dream home in the fabric under a lot of thought. After numerous attempts, it is made of 86% nylon + 14% spandex to weave ice silk safety pants that are as thin as cicada wings and feel a little cool. When you touch every inch of your skin, it's as comfortable as a feather gliding gently over your body. There's even a way for you to put it on: Am I not wearing underwear today? Because it is a light fabric, it can achieve the effect of quick drying after washing, and it takes 3 minutes to completely dry it. Plum rain season, go out to travel with it the most worry. If you think about the sultry summer, the crotch is as cool as opening the refrigerator, it's not too cool.. In summer, we wear sexy tight skirts and thin skirts, and the most embarrassing thing is the clear underwear lines printed on our buttocks.. But this Toumeng safety pants won't be safe! There is hardly any thread on the whole body of the trousers, and it is super invisible to wear. Each pair of safety pants is designed with 3D tailoring according to the characteristics of Asian women's buttocks, so that it can be wrapped perfectly, even the fat is wrapped tightly. The whole pair of safety trousers adopts one-piece non-trace hot pressing process, the biggest advantage of which is that there is no need to sew the edge. Wear close-fitting skirts or yoga pants in summer, no longer afraid of embarrassment ~ All kinds of hip skirts, dresses, tights and jeans can be matched at will, making you 360 degrees beautiful without dead angle. There is also a design of wrapping the foot mouth, which fits comfortably at the root of the thigh, without curling and retracting, and the elasticity of walking and moving is close to your skin, so it will not be uncomfortable to take off because of curling and retracting. Completely get rid of the problem that ordinary safety pants will pinch the buttocks. It's really not pinching the buttocks. No underpants to wear, no ligature marks to take off, it has all the advantages of a must-have underpants and safety pants. Such safety pants, whether soft or comfortable, are the touch that makes the skin addictive, and you don't want to take them off! There is not only enough ice silk without trace, but also super elasticity. High stretch fabric with triple stretch from waist to leg. Girls with thick waists and thighs can easily wear it. The special process is formed at one time, and the maximum stretching can reach 135 kg. After many stretching tests, it is full of elasticity, durable and not easy to deform, and it will not be uncomfortable. Light and unfettered, it is the best experience of "naked feeling" in the hot summer ~ Hot printing wash label, when wearing will not have any foreign body friction, save the extra time to cut the label before wearing. Every detail of a good product is careful and comes from stricter standards. Each pair of safety pants has to go through a special test machine, rubbing 600 times without pilling. The fabric is made of safe reactive printing and dyeing, and even the dark color will not fade when it is washed in the water. 0 fluorescence, 0 formaldehyde, 0 decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dye, very safe. It will not be hard and wrinkled, and it will still be restored by rubbing back and forth with violence. No matter how long you wear it, it won't wrinkle and deform easily! Every pair of safety pants has been tested, and all the indicators are qualified to reach our hands, so we can rest assured to take care of our private parts! After watching the complex production process, as a layman, you can feel the degree of care of the dream home for this safety pants. Focus on quality, win more and more word of mouth, both the repurchase rate and praise are very high. There are five pairs of underwear in a box, including white, black, skin color, gray and pink. Each pair of underwear is an independent small package, sterile is more intimate. Fabric elasticity is very inclusive, size M: 80-100 kg, L: 100-115 kg, XL: 115-135 kg can be selected according to their own figure. Comfortable and comfortable to wear, with it you can boldly wear the skirt you want to wear, any type of skirt is no problem. Before the price is 109 yuan 5 pack,tailor measure tape, this activity is very strong, an average of less than 14 yuan. 69 yuan for 5 packs Summer is coming Sisters, don't wait and buy it quickly! Today's interaction: What else do you want to see and recommend to plant grass? Tell me in the comments section! Pictures in this article are from the Internet. Want to see the recommendation for spring and summer wear Just click [like + watching] to return to Sohu and see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com

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